In praise of odd

If you are perceived as odd, then you might as well embrace it. When you realise that you are intrinsically different to other people it feels like the worst thing in the world, you try everything to get rid of the feeling of being different. Yet at its heart, it is what everyone wants, this is what they are attempting to achieve by wearing a brightly coloured hat or using a bold shade of wallpaper in their lounge. People want to stand out and be a cut above the rest. Where it can go wrong is doubting your place in oddness, not owning it.

Small doubts or a lack of confidence in your strangeness can become the problem to your acceptance, people don’t want your quirks if you can’t fully commit to them either.

If you fully embrace who you are and your oddities to a substantial degree then people will become interested. You can’t be too weird or off the wall as people will entirely write you off, but a certain amount of oddness gives you the edge, it tells people that you are your own person, a trendsetter, someone for the others to follow, that is what they are looking for.

Every self-help book tells you to be yourself and not worry about what other people think. As human beings we do worry about other people and our biggest motivator is to fit in, if you are non-mainstream then you may have been shunned in the past but if you don't fit in there is no point in trying to force it, they can tell and will not accept you. You need to embrace oddness, don't overplay it or rub people's noses in it but just some merely be. As soon as you become apologetic for it, then people lose confidence in its validity and see it is something to ridicule, to pull this off you are going to have to be confident in what it is that is unique about you. We like things that are unusual, we are drawn to unique, vintage and bespoke items in jewellery and wine, we will buy the rarest thing. Your oddities can become a massive asset, marking you out as the unique individual you are.

Every person wants to be unique, and have a quality individual to them.

You're not going to be able to dance to your own tune entirely, or you will become known as the strange hermit on the hill. You can embrace what you already have and make sure it's not a flaw to beat yourself up with but something beautiful to mark you out as different uniquely and beautifully. Go forward with confidence and let the oddness that held you back be the thing that propels you forward. We are all looking for that unique thing that makes us an individual and you my friend have already found it, it was given to you at birth.